Question about submitting feedback

I have turned off vehicle detection on my v3 covering my front porch.

Too many false alerts bc of motion events triggering false positives of vehicle events

The question i have is , the events are labeled as MOTION in the events tab . My camera motion tags every single car that drives up and down my road , should I submit the feedback as vehicle ?

If you disabled vehicle detection it won’t show the labels, so you don’t know if it detected correctly. If you just disable vehicle notifications (can you do that on the v3?) but leave recording on it should still tag them in events tab.

Yea i know , it’ll label everything vehicle as motion . What I’m wondering is , since in the events it’s labeled as motion when I go to submit the feedback as vehicle . Will that disrupt the AI or something ?

Oh, good question. Watching this thread for an answer :slight_smile:

If you have your Vehicle Smart Detection turned off, you are never giving the AI the opportunity to tag the vehicle as a vehicle. Therefore, you will be submitting videos to train the AI on something that it may well have identified had the setting been on. I can’t say that it will disrupt the AI learning process, but it certainly wont make it efficient if it is required to learn that which it has already learned.

If my AI Smart detection for an object is turned off on the cam that returns a motion video with that object in it, I wouldn’t be submitting those videos for AI learning. The AI didn’t miss anything and it didn’t tag the car something wrong. The Vehicle AI was off.

Only when the AI is on and it completely missed an object that should have been tagged or tags an object incorrectly (squirrel as person) would I submit it for AI learning.

With that said, I do not get Motion only notifications or see motion only events in my Events Tab. I have turned those off and filtered out motion only so that I am only seeing AI tagged events. That way, I don’t have to worry about the events that have no AI tagging (THOUSANDS). Yes, motion events have to be on and recorded to get the AI tagged events, but that doesn’t mean I have to be bothered by them or see them.

This was a problem for me on the V3 in the past as well. However, the latest FW update fixed that. In the past, any motion inside the DZ would tigger AI interrogation of the full frame. So, cars passing in the street (outside the DZ) would be vehicle tagged whenever a leaf blew thru the DZ. Now, Wyze has limited the AI interrogation to only objects with active overlap within the DZ. If it is fully outside the DZ, it should no longer be considered for AI tagging. I was able to turn my Vehicle detection back on in my driveway and exclude the road from the DZ. I haven’t received a vehicle tag from the road since.

Every Event Video is a Motion Event Video (as opposed to a sound, alarm, automation event video). Any motion within the DZ, regardless of what it is, will initiate a motion event video, So, if your street is within your DZ, anything that moves on the street (car, bike, person, dog on a skateboard) is going to initiate a motion event…every time, even if the AI tagging for those objects is off. Wyze cams record EVERYTHING moving (unless motion detection is broke or you have the sensitivity set too low). If you have your Smart AI Detection settings on for your CamPlus AI Events, then the objects may get an additional AI tag.

Why not just exclude the street from the DZ?

No, you can’t do that…yet. The V3 was given AI specific notification settings in the newest fiemware beta, however that beta is not doing so well. It was halted due to catastrophic cam failures. Not sure if it has been relaunched.

For now, the notification settings on the V3 are for all AI recorded or none.

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Right , I totally get what you’re saying but theirs a few reasons why I’ve chosen this set up

So i have a v3 mounted to my window over looking my front porch and front yard and my street is in frame

I have not set up a detection zone because of 2 reasons

The first being that the placement of the cameras aren’t at the best no matter how high or low I place them , so when I set up a detection zone I have to literally block out the whole frame .

Meaning whenever a person is in frame since the whole freaking frame is blocked off , person detection doesn’t work well

It’ll just label it as motion . I need person detection bc I have had a few people walk across my yard a few times during the day and night and I need the v3 to motion tag them.

From the placement of the camera to where my yard meets the road it’s about 35 feet

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I understand. cam placement is very important. when you have frequent moving objects backdropping the intended detection area it makes it difficult.

I have 3 similar cams in the front of my house looking directly at the busy street about 40ft. from the house, but it is the yard I am interested in. None have a DZ because it would restrict too much of the frame, all are set for Person and Pet AI only as that is all I care about (so I know which neighbor to distribute the dog :poop: back to).

In this case though, since I have motion events filtered out in the Events tab and Motion Event notifications off, I am never bothered by the thousands of motion events caused by the cars on the street. Out of sight, out of mind.


I turned off vehicle notifications because I have the sensitivity like at 40 and it would motion tag every single car

But because whenever their were light changed and my parked car was in frame I would get constant vehicle notifications sooo annoying

This is why I absolutely hate the pixel algorithm and I believe it’s just not meant for outdoor use

Any light change triggers the cameras but when a person walks by it doesn’t detect them … weird

Also I HATE the rigid boxes , I have stated that we desperately need a pull and drag like eufy and ring does

I find those to be WAYY more effective , and we can draw lines and boxes to only detect certain areas

With wyze cameras , it all comes down to the placement of the camera and then also the pixels bc of the boxes . So annoying

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