Question about my camera being indoor

So I recently got a pan cam v2 , I’m using it to monitor my dogs . Now this camera is inside of my house , I’ve turned off all the camera detection

My question is , will this camera be seen by anyone or will any footage be uploaded to the servers ?

Unless they look into your home or the camera is mounted close to a window? Need more info as to what your looking for here.

No event clips will be uploaded.

No, not anyone physically. I’m talking about online , wyze servers or the whatever reviews the footage sent to Wyze .

This is a camera that will be indoors inside of my house and I would not like to have the camera be seen by anyone from Wyze , for privacy reasons

I will direct you to read through and understand the contents of this link as it appears to contain the info you seek.


Thank you , this was the info I needed .

Good day


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However… don’t forget that these are all still “cloud” cameras and they all do maintain a constant connection to Wyze and 3rd party servers of various kinds. It is technically possible for Wyze (or those who compromise them, or someone using your own Wyze account) to control your cameras at any time - I have no reason to believe they have or will ever do this. But it’s something to keep in mind if one is being extra careful / security conscious / paranoid.

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