Quad Livestream Monitor to Ipad/Tablet

To assist work from home telecommuters, would love the ability to Livestream 4 Wyze cams simultaneously to a small monitor (Ipad/Tablet) in the office to keep an eye on both 2 and 4 legged kids and replace my antiquated Uniden 7" Guardian system.

Welcome to the community, @J.Bond. That capability already exists. Please see the following support page. :slight_smile:



You may also be interested in the #wishlist topic here:

Tablets do currently support rotating to landscape for the quad camera view. But the rest of the app’s interface only currently supports portrait mode. If you keep the tablet in a stand in landscape orientation, you have to either twist your head or pick up the tablet to navigate to the quad view and to see event video, etc. This #wishlist topic would solve that.

If you would like, you can hop over to the topic and vote for it by clicking the VOTE button at the very top.