QR Code Partially Obscured in 2.8.21; App goes dim and locks out the phone

So, one of my Pan Cams went offline yesterday. In trying to get it back, I came across two problems.

Yesterday, it just would not connect. Today, My app was upgraded to 2.8.21. When I did the Add Product, the QR Code was partially obscured by the checkbox asking me if I heard QR Code Scanned. I had to scroll the QR code to make it completely visible.

Then it timed out while trying to connect, but just as it timed out, the camera said Connected. Now the camera shows up with the generic name Wyze Pan Cam.

Then I went to view the camera. The app told me it wanted to update firmware, so I did Update-All. Once the camera restarted, I tried to view it. I had the live view, but the app was dimmed, and I couldn’t use the Back arrow in the app, or even the Back Button on the phone itself. I had to kill the app.

Now this may be a peculiar situation with a very specific sequence of operations, where a camera is added, times out, firmware is updated, etc.

The app runs on a LG V20 Verizon.


Hi @Scott56. For more visibility on this, you can also provide feedback and logs via the app for any issues you see. The email generated will be addressed to the devs automatically, but keep in mind you will not receive a reply from them.

Submit the feedback from within the Wyze app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue.