QR Code / Internet Connection

iPhone6 user.
During setup of Cam Pan, if my phone is connected to internet, then the QR Code never appears for scanning. If I turn off the internet on phone, the QR Code appears, scans, and then states it cannot connect to internet.
What I’ve tried; having the internet off (on my phone), scanning the visible QR code, then quickly switching the internet connection on my phone. CamPan is not falling for it.
Suggestions? Or anyone experience this and find a solution?

Many of us had a very different setup problem with the bulbs that was fixed by temporarily disabling mobile 3G/4G Internet data (as opposed to WiFi) on the phone. Maybe give it a shot?

When you say “phone is connected to the internet”, are you referring to your mobile data connection, or your WiFi connection? The cameras should be setup while you are using a WiFi connection on your phone.


Or are you using your phone as a hotspot for the camera and data for the phone? Do both have to be on the same wifi when setting up?

When I connect my phone to WiFi, it will not show a QR Code to scan. When my phone it is not connected to WiFi, the code will show, I scan, and then it says it cannot find WiFi.

I haven’t used ‘hotspot’ on my phone for the camera…yet. Should try it to see if it works.

When you have to type in or select your network that you want it on, is that populated with anything?

Edit/ next day thought, do you have any special characters or have a mega long SSID that you are trying to program into the camera? I wonder if that’s why you sent seeing a QR code due to the app saying “aaahh no”. Lol.

Any luck with this?

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