Does Wyze have a statement on this? Any future plans to make this possible?

I will take a wild guess and say This would be way down on the list if it is on the list at all

With my camera not recording properly to the SD card inside it, this is becoming a priority to me.

I too have a QNAP TVS-873e and would like to add these cameras for monitoring and recording to my NAS. I have figured out it is a Honeywell camera inside but the model is missing from surveillance station when I try and add it. I also need to figure out the username and password to connect to the stream. If anyone has made any progress on this it would be helpful.

+1 from me too. I have a qnap NAS. I would like to have this supported

Hello @vijay559, make sure to head over to the NAS roadmap topic and get your vote in. :grin:


Any way we can use the new RTSP feature with QNAP Surveillance Station?

If the station supports RTSP, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.

Here’s what I have so far. I haven’t done much research on this but something is something.

I installed the beta software from Wyze Labs that includes the feature of RTSP. Once enabled and a url generated, I used that url to live stream on VLC video player, click record and records to my mapped network drive which is to my qnap nas. Down side to this is that it records what is playing live so the video isn’t compressed to be much smaller like Wyze native software does so it has taken about 5 gigs for just a few hours of video. Another down side is that this would split the videos into fragments or days so leaving it recording could not only consume all the storage in no time, but it will also be one continuous video for however many days it can record and won’t overwrite order.

Again, this is a start and something nice to play with but some kind of support for it would be nice. From what I read and seen on youtube, Synology NAS does have this kind of support for their devices. Lets hope it makes it to QNAP as I can’t afford to change platforms for this only feature.

If you know how let me know.
I installed surveillance station but it does not have wyze as a supported camera. didn’t find a way around it. And of course there’s no other surveillance software on the QNAP library .

I tried that method and in less than a week i had over 1TB full on my drive so i deleted it and just starting again. Tried surveillance station but doesn’t recognize the cameras.

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Thanks for letting me know. Back to researching it is.

QNAP seriously need to make this a priority. Not only because of the Wyze cams but in general this is a very popular protocol widely used.

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You can add the W2 camera to QNAP Surveillance Station via the Generic entry and select RTSP, the fill in the rest. Works, but not really.

First off QNAP SS records the files with q.264 header instead of h.264 - I find this totally idiotic.
Secondly, it doesn’t record sound on the files; not sure why this is the case.

Seems that Synology doesn’t have this issue with the audio, and that FW version .48 works compared to version .41 (see thread here: Initial RTSP testing feedback - #25 by alex_ncus)

Haven’t had the time to flash my W2 with fw .48 (not really sure where to get it either).

I am open to help test this. Running a Cam Pan with my QNAP TS231. When entering it generically, what settings are you entering when you ‘fill in the rest’?


It’s pretty straight forward. Once you flash RSTP fw on the W2, go in the Wyze cam app and turn on RTSP under Advanced functions for the camera; you will need the IP, login and password that you set.

in QNAP, add manually, select Generic Camera, Generic RTSP, use /live (for http url) put in the IP address, username and password you set on the Wyze app. Then hit TEST, should work, very easy.

If you have a flat network (1 subnet for all) that is. If you are segregating IOT devices, phones, laptops etc, you may need to set up some routing/forwarding.

Please post back if audio works with the .48 FW, I will also give it a go if that’s the case. But I think it may be a QNAP issue in the way they have implemented SS…

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I’ll give it a shot this weekend. By any chance, have you verified the output files definitively don’t have an audio stream? I think I saw on another posting that there may be audio, albeit it needed just the right settings in VLC or another player to listen to it.

This looks like is a problem with QNAP’s implementation of surveillance station, when using a Generic RTSP camera. I’ve tried also several apps on both iPhone and Android, that will turn the camera into IP cameras with RTSP streams, and non will record audio in QNAP’s surveillance station.

Looks like Synology have their act together, their implementation of a Generic RTSP camera records Audio as well.

Not an issue with Wyze camera as far as I can tell so far, but will test with Blue Iris in a VM.

Thanks for what you’re doing, cant wait to see the results :slight_smile:

The WC2 is going well with Blue Iris, no issue with sound/audio on the MP4 that BI saves. I’m using BI5 Demo to see if I should buy it or not…

One of the cams “locked” up. Now WC2 has 2 versions, the older one has a different sensor. Wyze cannot tell between the two apparently (not sure why), except to say that the ones purchased before Sept 2019 (I think) are the ones with the older sensor.

I checked my purchases and labeled them as such based on date of purchase, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s correct (i.e old stock).

I’m running fw on both, and it seems the one with the older sensor, so WC2v1, is the one that “lcoked up”. By locked up I mean BI was telling me it can’t reach it, however, the camera was working with the mobile app as well as tinycam (android). I get to go in and use the “regenerate” for the RTSP stream, then it was fine.

There is a thread here, I would recommend looking here as there is a user there also using Blue Iris with the WC2: RTSP firmware - feedback so far - #50 by teredactle

On a side not, even if surveillance station ended up working somehow, the features and setting the BI brings to the table blows away surveillance station.


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This worked very well, and should be stickied

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