Q, why is wyze cam development stagnant

I’m just curious why the dev of the camera infrastructure or support system has not caught up by now. Its a great little camera , It’s just a huge pain to review, export or build a video from the contents. Why is there not a suite or support tool to assemble the files into a meaningful package? I love the price , The quality, but dread trying to export the data and manipulate it thru a dozen batch files to make it useful for editing down with a quality editor. Capturing the data is easy but rebuilding it into a meaningful export is a lot of work and an enormous amount of time.

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Point VLC at it and everything plays sequentially and automatically. Then have VLC redirect its playback stream to a file or utility of your choice.

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That’s a two step process, it would be nice to have transport controls to speed thru the video vs the frame by frame approach. At that point you could bracket the segment of interest and export it. In the era on non linear editing… linear editing the wyze cam video is just not time productive. It’s really time for the tool set to evolve…

I’m not too optimistic about future software development with Wyze. Literally 1000s of us have been asking for a web based viewer for > 2 years. They’re looking into it. :slight_smile:

Huh? It’s one step.

And where still waiting for google integration on the door lock. Like other have said there to busy pushing out new products than finishing the already sold.