Push notifications shuting down iphone 6

The push notifications from the new update keep shutting down my iphone 6 with the latest update. is anyone else having a problem. I am on the new Cam Plus, every time there is a person motion sent to me my phone shut down.

I have a 6 Plus, last software updated, Cam Plus and don’t have your issue. You can try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it. It’s the first time I see this kind of issue. :thinking:

I have a 7+ and have no issues like this. Obvious items: are you up to date on IOS updates, have you tried a full restart of your phone and as @gyzmo suggested try deleting first and then fresh reinstalling the app.
I don’t understand what you mean exactly by your phone “shutting down”, but I’ve never had or heard before of a notification locking up a phone. Any additional info might help!

it goes into the spiral circle and shuts all the programs down, then have to open all program again. only happens when motion note push comes over.