Push notifications not received on cell phone while away from home network

I have the Android app on a LG22c with Tracfone service. It works fine setting up camera and viewing live stream and playbacks from SD card when phone and camera are using the same wifi network. Push notifications are sent to the cell phone while at home and connected to the wifi network.

Some reviewers say that they get push notifications on their cell phone from the app when not connected to the wifi network that the camera is connected to, and can see events, and some say they don’t.

I was expecting to get notifications and have the ability to view live streams and events with my cell phone while on the road.

I don’t get any push notifications on my cell phone when not connected to the home wifi network that the camera is connected to.

What am I doing wrong? Or is this function not provided?

Thanks for advise!

It is indeed a capability that is built in. I get notifications and live view via my cell connection when I am away from home even when connected to a hotel WiFi.

However on iOS that means I have to enable cellular data for the Wyze app in settings. If I don’t enable that then nothing works when I am off my WiFi network. I assume similar settings exist for Android?


Thanks kindly for the response.!

I haven’t found a similar option in the Android app…and sure hope it’s there.

Where is it located in the iOS app? (I have iOS app set up on my iPad, so maybe I can find it there, which will help me know what to look for).

…and do you have to be on wifi also (in the hotel room) to get the notifications? You don’t get notifications when, for instance, you’re driving?

As long as you have enabled cellular data you get notifications when you are not on WiFi. My work WiFi blocks ports that Wyze needs so if I want to receive notifications or view cameras at work I have to turn off WiFi.

On iOS in settings you select Cellular, then the Wyze app. The settings look like below:

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