Push Notification Opens the Wrong Event

I have a doorbell cam (with CamPlus) and two Cam V3s (without CamPlus). I have event recording turned on for all three devices, but I only have push notifications turned on for the doorbell cam.

I’ve noticed that often when I select a push notification for an event that was from earlier in the day (or the previous day), the app will open, but it will show the most recent recorded event from any device rather than the event that triggered the notification. Note that this is not a “just triggered” event that hasn’t had time to write to the even log, but may be an event from minutes or hours before.

If I “back out” to the app and go to the event list, I can then find the actual event that triggered the notification.

Is this a bug, or is there something I need to do to fix this issue?

Device: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Android 11)
Wyze App: v2.21.27