Push notification for change in On/Off status

Would like to have the option for notifications when the camera is turned on or off. When I’m home I like to turn off the camera for privacy but with multiple people having access to the camera’s i’d like to know when one or more is enabled and turned back on and streaming.

My solution for this is to have the camera on a smart plug that only I have control over.

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Being able to check in the app that the cameras are not streaming when turned off is important to me. I check on my router now but that is time consuming. Knowing state is true is important since hijacking is possible.

I wish there was a way to be notified that the camera has been turned on, in case if your network is compromised, say in an IoT attack (such as the one in 2017) and the camera that you keep turned off as long as you’re home, is switched on by someone else.

A sound notification or an app notification (which can be turned on or off in-app) would be nice.