Push event to the cloud when WiFi gets back

My Wyze outdoor V3 is installed in my remote cabin and I try to set it up in order to get events if it detects a vehicle or a person.

My power source is a battery + solar panel. The camera is powered up 100% of the time. But In order to save power, I power up automatically a wifi/cellular gateway daily for less than 30 min in the attempts to have the previous events downloaded.

But is doesn’t work. I only see the events when the camera is connected to the wifi/cell. Not for the period the camera isn’t connected to wifi.

I assumed when the camera get back to the wifi it would automatically uploaded the events detected no matter if wifi was available or not.

Is there any settings I miss? And what I ask would be available in a future firmware update?

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When the camera can’t connect to the cloud, no cloud event will pend or “hold” and be sent once connection is restored. When this happens, the camera pretty much stops what it is doing untill a connection is restored. If the camera has power and a connection at startup, and you have a SD card in the camera, it should continuous record to the card even if the internet connection is lost. But you’ll have to view the “playback” function when the camera is connected to the internet to view all footage, or remove the card from the camera and view the footage in a computer or something similar.

These cameras are fairly wifi dependant, so if there isn’t a internet connection the function set is fairly restricted.


Understand, but if events are still in the sd, why not sending when internet recover. I mean the detected events not the entire playback. Could it be implemented in firmware later?

The motion recordings on SD card, believe it or not, are not related to the motion events stored in the Wyze cloud servers. One is not a buffer for the other.

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Yea this functionality is not currently available, but I can’t see any reason why it couldn’t be implemented in the future via FW update. However, since these are “smart” IoT devices, I doubt this feature is going to be top priority. It could be a good additional security measure to prevent internet outage from causing issues with cloud events.

Wyze uses the #wishlist to keep track of feature requests, so I encourage you to post your idea there, and make sure to vote for it when it’s approved (I will!)


If the camera is not connected at the time of the event, then the event will get logged to the SD card, but will evaporate as far as the cloud goes. You must have Internet to get the camera to boot, but you must have Internet at the time of the event for the camera to report events to the cloud.