Purifier Design Issue

One thing I don’t understand about how Wyze designed their Air Purifier. Why weren’t the intake vents at the sides instead of the front and back? And why wasn’t the laser sensor pointing out the front? Then we could place the Purifier against a wall or in a corner. As it is now the unit has to sit out away from the wall and be in places shouldn’t have to be.

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I don’t know if anyone can answer this question without taking one apart, and while I have done this for cheaper products, I am not going to do so for this one.

I am guessing a lot of it has to do with aesthetics. In addition, I do think it is good to have a vent on the front instead of the sides because the front will typically be facing toward an open room, so this makes the most sense as it will pull everything from the whole wide open room toward it. If it were on the sides, it might not do this as effectively. It then only makes sense to have the other vent be on the opposite side (the back) and Wyze says they recommend just a 1 foot distance from the wall/furnature for it to circulate properly and most efficiently. This will give the vents and the laser enough room all around.

Honestly, 1 foot of distance isn’t too bad. In one case where I really do want it up tight against the wall, I just turn it sideways anyway. The other 2, it wasn’t too hard to make it fit in with other furniture, etc and have a 1-foot distance from the wall, etc.

If anyone ever does take theirs apart and see’s how it is structured in the inside, feel free to tag me. I’d love to see it and get some more context.

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The problem with “just one foot” distance behind it is that the laser just won’t be accurate enough. And yes it could be turned sideways but then you most likely won’t see the display. I like to look at the display for real time data, can’t trust the app as it’s just all over the place.

I honestly don’t think it matters too much if the laser is pointed toward a wall a foot away. It is just guaging the average air in the room, and any particle small enough to floating around in the air will get there too. The laser will still get an accurate average reading, especially when the air purifier is running at all, even on low or sleep mode as the air flow will be sucked in that direction. In some ways it may be more accurate pointing a foot or so from a wall to measure the average temperature and need than if it had more room. or was pointing to the main opening in the room.

Regardless of the above, I would also prefer the laser sensor to be in the front. I like to point the laser toward whatever source I believe is most likely to bring in any bad air. In my kitchen I point it toward the stove so it can detect it more quickly and start to kick on higher. In my daughter’s room I point it toward her diaper container. So I do relate to what you are saying.

I would love to hear what the distance rating is on the laser sensor. Like how far away can it accurately sense particles?


Reading this conversation I am kind of inclined to do a test and see how the number will change when the laser is pointed to the center of a room ve pointed to the wall a foot away or 6 inches away. I am curious to see how the positioning has an affect on the numbers.