Purchased Thermostat for Brand New HVAC System

Purchased the Thermostat for my brand new HVAC since Honeywell discontinued support for my existing Wi-Fi connected unit. Just completed installing the Mr. Cool Universal 3-Ton system. At the time of writing this article the Mr. Cool thermostat is over twice the price of the Wyze and it has more negative reviews than any other on the market. I can definitively state that the thermostat setup was the most frustrating part of this whole thing.

First, during install procedures if something doesn’t work it just tells you setup failed. What the heck Wyze? Give options in the setup programming. Thankfully, I was able to just bypass your setup process and manually tell it that it was heating in cooling mode and cooling in heating mode. The setup process could have simply asked do you feel warm or cool air coming out of the register? Then switched the valve and tried again.

Second, as I am sitting here manually testing the system, I am seriously hoping that the software update fixes some of the issues I see people complaining about. My brand new system is very energy efficient according to the manufacturer. I do not want the 10kW heat strips coming on unless the outdoor temperature is not going to be conducive to effective heat pump operations. Perhaps, it would be nice to have a way we could select the manufacturer and model information so the app helps us configure our systems (a manual settings page would be very useful too). At this time it is running the 10kW heat strip and the outdoor temps are in the mid 40s. According to Mr. Cool my system should not need the heat strip except in the single digit temps.

After going through the arctic bomb that is affecting North Texas, I am happy to once again have heat in the house. This thermostat will be a test on my limits. So many great concepts from Wyze, but I feel the implementation and the utter lack of updates that users request, will be the death of this company when people start to abandon them.