Purchase stand alone base for WCO

So far loving our outdoor cam, but we want to be able to move it around the area we have it in. We have screwed the base to the wall, but now we wish we hadn’t. It would be awesome if you could sell additional bases for the outdoor cam!

Sounds like you need another Outdoor Cam starter kit. :slightly_smiling_face:
Leave your current one in a fixed location. Use the new one for your mobile exploration activities.

Nah…my dad wants to be able to have the camera base nailed to the wall in 2 places so he can move it around as he chooses. From one side of the carport to the other. Once we get the second cam, we may be able to use that base for the carport and just sit the other camera where it needs to go. It would just be a nice option.

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I use mine to lookin on my Guinea Pigs. I have the stand mounted on their cage. I would like to have other mounts pre-mounted on their cage and on a pole I use in the yard when we put them out in the grass to play. All I want to do is pop off the WCO from the magnet and pop it on a mount pre-installed somewhere else. So I just need to be able to buy a couple of the mounts only.