Purchase additional Wyze Sensors V2

Hi I Pre-ordered the Wyze home monitoring 8/12/20 now I want to buy extra Wyze Sensors V2 can someone from Wyze can let me know when would they be available thanks


There was an option to purchase extra sensors before checking out. Did you see this? I don’t believe there’s an option to buy extra sensors without buying another subscription and starter kit.
Extra sensors will be available later, but a date hasn’t been announced for this yet.

Hi thanks for reply no I did not see the option to buy the extra sensors what should I do should I cancel the order and reorder it again with extra sensors V3 ?


This may be your best option. If you have issues canceling your order, contact support
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support
phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

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Hi thanks for information you are right this is the best option to cancel my order reorder it again


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Why was it never stated when I purchased the Home Monitoring system that I could not purchase additional sensors separately?

I have received my kit and wanted to go in and purchase additional sensors. NO GO!

I cannot use the system with the start up kit ONLY.

How do I suspend the service until I can purchase additional sensors to protect my home?

Only option currently is to purchase an additional monitoring system to add the sensors that I need. That’s ridiculous.

I agree. Placed my order on 12/23 and there was NO option to order additional sensors. Then. In like February they start offering extra sensors that you can order with the core starter kit.

I may have my dates wrong on when they started offering V2 sensors as an add-on. It’s very very frustrating though. I reached out to customer service and they basically said “wait until they are widely available. Date TBD.”

I have an activated system and a yearly subscription- not a great way to treat an early adopter.

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How can I purchase extra keypads and sensors AFTER I already own the Home Monitoring System? Right now, it seems you can only purchase them when building your system, for the first time.

Extra keypads and sensors will be available later, but no dat has been announced yet. I’m guessing it’ll be after all preorders ship.

I wonder if I could preorder the full kit and add-ons and then cancel the kit. I’m in the same boat, need more sensors. I also thought that the old sensors were going to work with the new hub. I can get some to sync, but they are useless for the home monitoring.

Hi I had the same problem I ended up canceling my first order to reorder the Wyze Home Monitoring again with extra 3 Packs of window/door sensors

If anyone really can’t wait for Wyze to allow individual orders, there appears to be a loophole you can use to get more sensors now:

how to shop additional Wyze Sense Entry Sensor v2

For me it’s got less to do with impatience and more to do with those of us who jumped on board right out of the gate in order to support the program and then were denied the capability to add sensors because I chose to be an “early adopter” - it makes no sense.

It’s not like I’m not a home monitoring subscriber. I am. There was no option to add sensors in December when I ordered and why would have I checked back to see if they added options to do so after my order was placed?

It’s just plain weird that they have structured it this way.

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Can you buy more V2 Wyze Sensors for your existing security system? I wasn’t able to buy enough sensors in my initial purchase for all the windows in my home. I’d like to cover all with my new system. The sensors have been easy to install. I just need to purchase 2 more 3-packs from Wyze to complete my home security coverage. Please let me know!!!

Welcome to the forums! Not yet and don’t know when, but the v2 Sense products will eventually be available outside of the HMS bundle

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I forgot to order additional entry sensors with my core kit, apparently there is no way to order any after the fact. Will they be available in the future?

Welcome @benran100!
They will be available to purchase, but no date has been announced yet. I’m sure it’ll be soon.

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