Provide checkbox delete of events in app


I have suggestion for the app. I use the cam v2 for outdoor monitoring of front drive and entrance. Works great! No problems. But I get many many triggered events from birds in the day and flying insects at night. In the app I have to load each event to delete it. This is a chore. I can tell these events just from the triggered panes. I would like a way to select events with a check box so one can delete those with one stroke and not have to open each one. Thanks

Hi @halds, and welcome to the community. Please see the “Events Tab” section of this support page. That very function is described in detail there. :slight_smile:


Go to Events, click the 3 dots in the corner and choose Delete Events — this adds checkboxes next to every event in the list.


@halds going on what @robliberty said, you can also do a “select all” following his instructions. this will check mark all the visible recordings at that point( visible on the screen). so if you have quite a few you are going to have to do select all a few times but you can quickly delete a bunch without individual selection,


The app loads 20 events at a time on the Events page. If you keep scrolling down before you delete all, you should be able to delete everything at once.


That’s what I do ,Scroll Up til you get to the bottom and it will delete the whole day at once

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Thanks!. I should have clicked on that. I thought it would delete all events, not bring up the check boxes. This exactly what I asked for. Thanks! Love this cam