Protective film on thermostat motion sensor

Does the thermostat come with protective film covering the motion sensor?
I’ve removed the film that covers the rest of the thermostat’s face. It appears there’s another piece covering the sensor but after trying to remove it, it now looks scratched up. I’m wondering if I’ve actually scratched the motion sensor or if I should keep trying to remove a piece of protective film. I hope it wouldn’t get scratched up with nothing but fingernails

My two Thermostat’s did not have any additional film over the PIR motion sensor portion of the face, other than the one that ships with the unit protecting the entire face.

I just pulled my 2nd from the box to confirm. Just one film over the face and one over the knob.

What you were trying to remove is the PIR filter lense over the sensor. It can be easily scratched.


Well, that’s a bummer. It looks terrible now. The detection works though

OUCH! That left a mark!