Protected Hours from HMS Value Wrong

I noticed that the graph for the HMS protected hours is showing wrong values.
For some reason, for example, it considers the system was disarmed starting at noon yesterday where it was indeed armed until 18h00 (6 PM).
Almost every day has a wrong value this week (except Wednesday).

I checked the system state several times and it was never disarmed. Even the activity log says it remained armed until I got back home.

Anyone observed a similar behavior?

If you are referring to the trends graph, it doesn’t show any times. It only displays a comparison of the number of total cumulative hours in that 24h day that it was armed (blue) vs disarmed (green). The Y axis is the total number of cumulative hours.

You could arm it for an hour 12 times a day and it would still show a 50\50 split of 12 hours each. Armed (blue) is always on the bottom.

If you select Month and Year, the Y axis changes to percentage rather than cumulitive hours.


That indeed seems to be the case after further examination.

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