Prospective buyer questions

I am considering getting a few of these but have three questions to which I have not found the answers -

When notifications are enabled on my phone, will a notification be sent every time I walk in front of the camera or is there a way to filter them or easily enable/disable them when I leave my house and then return? Or can the Android app be set to only notify once until the notification is cleared before sending a second notification? It would be annoying to have to go into the app settings every time I leave and return home.

Also, will my cat trigger a notification every time she walks by, hence triggering a “false alarm” when I am not home? Perhaps the sensitivity can be set?

Finally, after a 12 second motion recording has been sent to the Amazon cloud, how long does it take before it sends another one - i.e. if a burglar is in the house for 5 min, how many 12 second recordings will be saved to the Amazon cloud?


Notifications to your phone and video clips to the cloud are at minimum intervals of 5 minutes. Local recording to a uSD card can either be continuous or only when there are events. In the latter case, it will record every minute that has something happening.

Yes, the sensitivity can be adjusted.

Using IFTTT you can have notifications turn on and off automatically when you get home.

I will add a couple of points…

You can also enable/disable all notifications with a single switch in the notifications section of the app.

Even at the lowest sensitivity, I would guess that a cat walking by and taking up any significant portion of the frame will trigger an alert.

MicroSD card recording is totally independent from the 12 second alert videos. You will still get mSD recording even if motion alerts are off. On the other hand, there is no notification triggered solely based on the mSD recording.

Thanks for the replies - very helpful!

I never used IFTTT before but wow, is it ever neat! I’ve pre-set rules such that when I leave my home WiFi, Wyze alerts will be enabled, and when I enter my home WiFi, Wyze alerts will be disabled. Seems like the perfect solution!

Now I just have to patiently await my order to arrive this week!