Pros and cons camera grouping

Just looking for some input on the pros and cons of camera grouping. I have 9 cameras now and will end up with 15 - 20. I cannot decide if I want to use groups or not. I am testing Tiny Cam Pro and Blue Iris 5. Well right now, it’s more like Blue Iris is using me!:grimacing:

I appreciate the help

The only advantage of camera grouping to me is to get a 4-camera display up on my tablet. So all my cameras are grouped into one group called “All Cameras”. From there I can page through the cameras, or start up a second device with a different set of cams up from the same group. But having a group for this or a group for that seems like too much overhead. I’d rather just swipe than exit one group to call up another.

I have 7 cams. Maybe that would change if I had 15 or 20.

I like to group cameras by room and/or location. But there are situations that grouping just does not lend itself too. I guess this would be very much a personal choice. The large number of cameras you will end up with to me would benefit from grouping just to make them manageable.


Also what are your uses?
I’ve 2 cams in Virginia, 8 cams in Mississippi.

Thanks for the replies

gemniii Right now I am using for each room. Kitchen LR MBR etc. All local in my house. Are the groups like all for one and one for all, to wit a setting in the group applies to all cams in the group. I know the off/on does. I am using with Tiny Cam Pro and Blue Iris5 so might that have a bearing on using groups or not?

Settings for individual cameras are still individual while they are in groups. A group is simply a set of cameras you want to look at together. You can sort them so the 4 you are most interested in are on screen 1, etc.

Even in groups cameras can be individually turned on or off.

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I have basically 2 groups. one for outside viewing cameras ( inside but looking out through windows) and one group inside my home.

in the case of seeing front door and each connecting side, outside grouping is awesome. I’m able to track people/ animals walking around my house, check out the weather…prepare the catapults for targets as they move…many many options

i do have a few cameras that are not in groups so I choose to keep them un-grouped. such as the camera I have in my garage.

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By grouping my cameras and devices I don’t have to scroll way down to a big long list , but the best thing is my inside cameras are in a group and I can turn them on or off with one button on the home page.
Outside cameras just stay on all the time

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I just put those all in a group I named , Special

No sharks with lazers?

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Great feedback folks. Thanks for taking the time to reply. A lot of good information to digest. I think I am leaning toward Groups,

I use groups for 4 cameras and love it. Allows me to open all 4 cameras with one click and watch all on the same screen.

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An additional use case. I have mine grouped by function. One group monitors the pressure gauge to my water well to ensure its functioning properly while the other in the group monitors the pressure gauge from the elevated water tank so I can estimate the volume of water in the tank. Seeing both of these gauges at once gives me a good overview.

The other group monitors two electronic rat traps that I check every morning to get there before the ants. Being able to see them at once is easier than trying to find individuals.

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Sorry its a little off topic, but you said you are using 3rd party software to view your Wyzes. How are you able to do this? I asked Wyze about showing the cams on my TV or PC and they said there was no way right now. If iou could let me know how you did this it would be much appreciated :grinning:


Bob says he is using Tiny Cam and Iris, but I am waiting to see how he does this…

This is getting off topic for this conversation. Please do a search for Tiny Cam and Blue Iris. You will find many post on those. If you don’t find the answers you need in those topics, please continue the discussion of Tiny Cam and/or Blue Iris in one of those more closely related topics.