Programable return to base path

Can I program the path that the vacuum takes when returning to base after completing cleaning?
I have a nice big rug on hardwood in the middle of the living room, and the robot leaves perfect horizontal lines on the rug when it cleans. Looks great, kind of like a pro baseball field. The problem is the vacuum finishes cleaning on the far side of the room, then leaves a single jagged path diagonally across the rug as it returns to base.
Can I program a route to return to base, or tell the vacuum to clean from the far side of the room to the near side, so it finishes without needed to travel back over the rug?

A suggestion is to move the base to another room.

Oh, and as someone with OCPD, I can relate to your issue. All the vacuum lines have to be parallel. Anything else is an abomination.

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You should add this idea to the #wishlist if it hasn’t been added already!

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I’ve tried that, but the robot always cleans from near to far in relation to the base, so it always finishes at the furthest point from the base then backtracks across what it previously cleaned.

I would love to do that, but I’m new to this forum. How does someone go about adding it to the wishlist?

Go to, then scroll down and click on the wishlist (you can also go here:

Select the “new topic” button to create a new #wishlist item. Don’t forget to vote for your own!

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