Product pages for each product with release info / history / beta

Is there a page for each device that provides:

  1. a history list of beta releases with new functionality, bugs fixed, etc.
  2. aa history of production releases for each product

I can’t seem to find a page that summarizes for each product (Cams. sensors, etc.
As an example, I would like to be able to go to a page for the Cam V3 and see the history of the product like in Apple iphone app releases. It wold be very helpful to as part of this be able to skim thru and see where new functionality is added vs bug fixes.

There is a page within the Wyze Knowledge Articles that provides the public release history of all firmware listed chronologically by device.

However, it does not include Beta FW info as those can be put through several release iterations before approved for Public Release.

Additionally, if you are looking to flash a device back to old Firmware, if a PR FW version appears in blue, it is available by link for download.


If you want beta firmware info, check the #beta category, and any current ongoing betas will be pinned.