Problems with WYZE Bulb Software (Android)

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Am I the only one who thinks the WYZE app (for Android) could use substantial improvement? I find it unfriendly, unhelpful, and confusing. Some background: I bought four bulbs and installed the first one (front porch light). Everything worked just fine. I even figured out how to set a schedule (although I can’t seem to do it anymore (that’s the first area that needs to be improved in my opinion).

Then I installed a second bulb (over the garage doors) and everything went to sh*t. Bottom line is this: I can’t get both bulbs to function correctly. One is invariably offline. And yes, I have tried rebooting and re-installing both of them countless times.

So on the main screen of the app it says WYZE at the top, Then a circle with three dots, and then the list of my bulbs, listed correctly by name. Next to the first bulb (“Garage”) it says “On” in a circle. But next to the second bulb (“Front Porch”) there’s just a little cloud with a line through. You cannot click on the cloud for more information.

If I touch the main area for Front Porch it brings me to the screen that really needs the most improvement in my opinion. I see the sliders for color and intensity, with “Add scene” below them. But there’s no mention of the problem nor any advice to remedy the situation. It just says “Device offline.” Thanks - I already figured that out. The only thing to click on is the Settings icon. I see the tab for Schedules and Automations and there are two separate schedules listed there but with NO INDICATION OF WHICH IF ANY ARE IN USE FOR THAT BULB. Sorry for shouting; that was for emphasis only.

There needs to be some kind of indication as to which schedule (if any) is currently in effect.

The only advice I ever get from WYZE support is to reboot the bulb and try again. I’ve done that but it never seems to work. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi Jim,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. The fact that the bulb keeps going offline is an indicator that the bulb may not be getting a good WiFi signal where it is. Try temporarily moving the bulb inside to a location closer to your WiFi hub and see if connectivity improves?

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Sorry to hear your having issues, hopefully the hive mind here can help you out with some of this. Like the above poster, I’d take the bulbs with issues and temporarily use them closer to the router for troubleshooting. How many other wifi devices and what kinda of wifi setup do you have?

“Rules” don’t remain in effect, “rules” happen and do their action then that’s all. Like scheduled rules, they just add points on a timeline for things to happen. Let’s say it’s 11:10pm now, and I have a scheduled rule to turn on a hallway bulb from 11p to 1am, that rule is not “on” right now. That rule creates two time points for things to occur. Another example of the rule logic is not “remain on from 11p to 1am”, the logic is “11p, turn on”, and then “1am, turn off”. Make sense?

Yes the app took time to get use to, and each time the app is updated and the UI changes or features get added I may have to find what’s changed, but after using it and learning it I now knows it’s ins and outs. But that’s the same for anything, get something new, you have to learn it.

For the rule labels, just label the rule with what it said and what times it triggers. That’s how I tell mine apart.
When you enter the rule menu from the bulbs, yes it does bring you to the main rules menu, not just that bulbs, that’s why descriptive labels helps.

Hopefully this helps you, and once we know more about your wifi setup and get those bulbs in a better trouble shooting spot, that issue can get fixed for you.

Edit) yes I am also an Android user, pixel 3, Android 10.

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