Problems with the over 12 second video option

When I watch a clip I cant save it because the over 12 second option upgrade comes up rather the option to save video. I can see wanting to sell a service but don’t think it should mess up the normal operation of the camera. The upgrade offers are messing up normal use.

Tap the screen on the video and three icons will appear in the upper right part of the image. One of those is Share, one is Download. The third rotates to full screen.
Confirmed on both iOS version V2.21.26 and Android V2.21.14 (latest beta on both).


If I tap on save the option for over 12 seconds comes up, so I say no to that and the video locks up. wont do anything.

Here where I added my big red arrow:
This screen capture was taken in the middle of the video clip, but if you wait until the end you get the same thing without having to tap at all. Only difference in that case is the two vertical bar “pause” symbol becomes a circle with an arrow to replay the video and a smaller message at the bottom of the video instructing how to upgrade to Cam Plus. This camera does not have Cam Plus.


That used to work on my cam. but now if I click on it it asks if I want to upgrade , I click no thanks and the camera locks up cant do any thing as it is froze up . The spinning wheel wont let me click on the save video.

Are you using an iPhone or iOS device ? If yes you have to give WYZE permission to access “all your photos” to be able to download or share when before you could just give access to selected photos. Things changed after the last iOS app update. There are at least 2 different discussions on this on the board.


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Does this message come up before or after the app asks you how you want to share the clip?
Please take a screen recording if possible.

I had to give access to all photos for the save to album function. It is a iphone. thanks for your concern.

Once I gave access to all photos it worked, thanks for your help. It is an iphone. Keep up the good work , helped me out Thank You.

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