Problems deleting archived alert clips in iOS app

I’ve just started experiencing problems trying to delete the last few days archived alert clips from the notification list screen of the iSO app 1.4.48 using either my iPad 3 (iOS 9.3.5) or iPhone 5 (iOS 10.3.3). Last time I cleared the queue was 3-4 days ago and I didn’t experience the problem so I suspect it is likely due to recent changes on the server-side.

Edit > Select All will highlight the all the bullet button on the clips but clicking DELETE and replying to the pop-up “Delete?” confirmation window just removes the bullet buttons, but not the clips. The “Edit / Cancel” prompt at the upper left part of the screen continues to say “Cancel” rather than reverting back to say “Edit” as it normally would after a delete.

After repeated unsuccessful tries on the iPad (which is deprecated by Apple to iOS 9.3.5) I was finally able to get the the archived clips deleted and had more success doing in on the iPhone 5 with 10.3.3 but it still took repeated tries.

If this happens again, you should submit a support ticket from within the app. This will send the app log to Wyze so they can analyze what’s going on.