Problem connecting to cellular data hotspot

I have a Wyze cam V3, an outdoor cam V2, and a base station. I only have a T-Mobile cellular data hotspot for internet. The hotspot does not have an ethernet connection so I used a TP-Link RE200 range extender to set up the base station. This worked fine until it didn’t. While I was away on vacation (of course) I lost connection to the two cameras. Upon returning, the base station was flashing blue rather than a steady blue. I have tried everything to reconnect, but no luck. The base station turns yellow when powering up and connected to the extender via ethernet, then flashes blue but never goes to solid blue. I’m using an iPhone to run the Wyze app.

I have even tried a new base station and a new wifi range extender. Same issue. When I go to a friend’s place where there is cable internet and plug the base station into the router, the internet connection is successful (solid blue). Upon returning home, the thing is flashing blue again.

I don’t know what happened. My home is remote and I can only get the cellular internet, which works fine for everything else. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Okay, problem resolved. T-Mobile had to have me change the APN (Access Point Name I think) settings on the hotspot. Works well now.