Premium and an SD card

I have a wyze V2 cam and a premium membership. I also have a 32 GB SD card in the cam but nothing records to the sd card. Is it a waste? can I take the card out of the camera?

The SD card can also record events or continuous recording to the card. The plus subscription has to do with the cloud storage and other premium features. You can use both simultaneously (I do).

The v2 supports continuous recording to SD, you’ll see a view playback option on the events page when viewing a cloud recording. This is where the SD card comes in. You don’t get full continuous recording to the cloud. Just event recording.


Thanks. I’ll have to revisit the settings I guess because I’ve had it for over a month and the SD card is empty.

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Check the advanced settings. I think the sd card settings are there off the top of my head.

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