Power Over Ethernet (POE) capable

POE Powered Camera

I am a A/V integrator that has done both commercial and residential work. I currently am installing this V3 pro product in for a family member and have fallen in love with how simple it is to set up and integrate for the price.

I myself being in an industry where people want to see no wires makes this not the most pleasant and ultimately why I pre wire for IP cameras.

I have used a company in the past that made an adapter that took the same usb cable but on the other end of it was an RJ45 connection. This allowed for the camera to not only be powered by a NVR or a POE network switch but also eliminated the need to have a electrical outlet near by and also provided a hard wired connection to the camera.

Even if the network connection only provided the power I think you would have a new market of client.

I certainly want PoE, if only because it is the most sensible way to power a camera. Otherwise, one is messing around with running line-voltage and/or bulky power supplies and USB cables to every camera. Definitely not what one wants outdoors.

And respectfully, it makes no sense to me to include the word “Pro” in the name of any camera that lacks both PoE and RTSP functionality!

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Ugh… why no POE yet? I was hoping that the announcement today was going to be a POE camera :frowning: Looks like I’ll have to keep waiting.

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I was disappointed too… :frowning:

I too would love to have PoE at a minimum. It would be incredible if they had a “Wyze Enterprise” that was a cloud & NVR system. They can make the hardware cheap enough and I would pay for cloud backup storage.

Looks like [this](Wasserstein PoE Power Adapter Compatible with Wyze Cam V3/Outdoor - Continuously Power Your Security Cam with USB Ethernet Adapter https://a.co/d/g3xriSN) is the closest we are going to get anytime soon. Wish they would truly enable USB-C with network & video signal at this point.,

Ethernet port for outdoor cameras

I would like to see an Ethernet port added to the outdoor cameras for POE and connectivity. My house is wired with Ethernet cables and I would prefer to use those rather than wifi especially for outdoor cameras. Include both options on the outdoor cameras Wifi for those that require it and Ethernet for those that have it or are willing to wire their property for it.

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but you still have the network wire… so “no wires” isnt no wires…
Remember there are lots of variations to PoE, plus just how much the switch can push out, then the modes for “talking” to the cameras and adjusting their power if/when the camera needs more power. its certainly not Plug & Play. in a net admin, been for many years, and ran into this issue installing an Access Point, so had to go to PoE+ which is way better, but the switches cost more of course…

anyway, there are always wires, even outdoor with a solar panel has a wire, and same for your camera and cat5 cable…


You can already buy POE to usb type A converters from Amazon. I have and they work great for this purpose. Here is a link. I can confirm these work.


I most likely didn’t word my original post properly. I was hoping that Wyze would one day add an Ethernet port on their exterior cameras to use for both POE and for a wired internet connection rather than relying on wifi only especially for an exterior camera.

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Oh I totally agree. But until they do I am going to use the adapters. Or maybe someday I will get real POE security cameras, but not likely. I also wish they would add a Roku app for viewing multiple cameras. Untill they do I will have to rely on 3rd party open source apps that allow IP connection.

If you want POE now you can get it on the V3/Pan V2 and the Pan and V2 cameras. Using wz_mini_hacks (GitHub - gtxaspec/wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods... make your camera better.) and an Uctronics USB ethernet adapter, I have two V3s and 2 V2s running POE now. You lose a little functionality with the Pans – vertical tilt control is broken.

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have you used these on your cameras? This would make life much easier if it did work on the cameras

Totally agree. I am sick of 6 cameras all trying to send “HD” footage to my phone over WiFi. Hard wired is the answer. PoE for power and Ethernet!

Can you adapt Ethernet cat 6e cables to power your Wyze cameras and of course I will need a power supply for this. I have a system that runs on these cables but would like to change. Getting power to the locations is not so doable. But if the cat6 cables could work for the power supply I’m golden! Thank you

This would allow placement of Wyze’s best cameras where there is no outlet, making better use of having a water resistant camera in the first place.

POE to cameras

Adding POE to your cameras with allow a lot more flexibility and availability to many people. By adding this feature people with existing cat six lines can already use your camera instead of running a USB cable to an outlet. This would also offer your customers with a lot less loading time because it will be hard wired ethernet.

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Welcome to the community @sfpv .

There is a wish for PoE located here:

Power Over Ethernet (POE) capable - Wishlist / Maybe Later - Wyze Forum

Go to the link and Vote for it.

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…even better if the camera is 4k with Starlight Sensor. I definitely buy to replace all my 20 V2 & V3.

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