Power Off or Temp Disconnect Wyze Band (Audio)

It would be very useful, and seemingly not complicated to implement, to have the ability to turn off the Wyze Band, or turn off the connection from the app (without turning of Bluetooth for the whole phone). One example reason for this, is that Bluetooth audio quality degrades greatly in Android when you have multiple BT devices connected. For previous wearable devices, I would turn them off temporarily when using Bluetooth audio for headphones or in cars to avoid this loss in quality. Unfortunately, it does not appear possible to turn off or disconnect this device without factory resetting it, or depleting the battery, which is not practical.
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I honestly don’t know if this would work or not, but try turning off the Notifications, either for the whole band or for just the music app.
Settings/Notifications - just a thought. Post back if it works!

I don’t know how it works on Android, but on iOS, you could go to the bluetooth settings and tap disconnect for the band.

Thanks for the suggestions.

tomp: The band remains connected over BT even if notifications are disabled, so this doesn’t resolve the issue.

Loki: Stangely, the Wyze Band does not appear in the list of connected devices in Android. I would guess that it is because it is Bluetooth LE.

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