Power cycling

what if were are away and we can’t power cycle? that means everything is all lost… burglars already taken everything from us… other security don’t do this, your product keeps doing it, has this been address, what is your responsibility when this things happen,just sorry I guess??

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Power cycling cams has become very popular to reload them to the network and to the cloud when things go amiss.

IMO, the cams should be stable and not need constant power cycling. I have my 12 cams pretty stable right now and have not needed to power cycle them in quite some time. One key to reducing the need for this power cycling is a strong WiFi router and a low congestion 2.4Ghz network. When I upgraded to a high end extended range dual band mesh WiFi router with extended AP’s, my power cycling needs disappeared.

However, it will be necessary at some point.

Whether you are away from the house or just have them mounted where a ladder is required, power cycling just isn’t convenient.

What most experienced users have done is to add smart plugs. So long as your ISP gateway and WiFi router stay live or restart after a power loss, you should be able to do a power cycle from your phone over the internet for any cam that goes offline. There are also plugs that will return to power on or last state if power is lost. Many users have their cams on a scheduled power cycle daily.

I have all my cams and my HMS Hub plugged into a smart plug. My ISP gateway and WiFi router are plugged into a UPS. If I need to restart any cam, I simply use Google Home, Alexa, or the plug app to turn off power and then back on. I can also do all 13 devices simultaniously if needed. The cams and hub automatically log back into the network on startup.


All my eight cams are connected to power using smart plugs ( not Wyze!).

I have three smart plugs that control small groups of cams.

I also have a good mesh wi-fi system ( with the units connected by Ethernet) and the units are situated close to the cams.

I have only had to power cycle twice in the last six months.