Power Cord Channel

Since power cords are unavoidable, Wyze should offer a new product to cosmetically channel the cord from the outlet to the camera. this channel would enable users to tidy up what is now an unsightly dangling cord/wire. Since each camera location is unique to the user, my vision for this product is as follows:

The channel comes in a 6 fool length (equal in length to the existing power cord). It is a flexible channel with a sticky back. The channel is white (to match the cord color) and flexes just enough to push the cord into once the channel is affixed to the surface along the route from the outlet to the camera. Unroll the channel, cut it in various pieces that fit the planned route, and peel the protector to reveal the sticky back side of the channel. Press the channel into place. Push the cord into the channel so that it lays flat in the channel. Most ideally, Wyze engineers will also include an “Excess Clip.” This clip would slide over the power plug so that you can neatly roll the excess wire onto the plug thereby making the wire length “just right” to properly fit the channel length. Lastly, the sticky back to the channel is one that can easily be removed without damaging the surface.

You can get that at Home Depot, it’s called wire mold. It’s not flexible, but there are angle adapters you can buy to turn 45 and 90 degrees. They also have a corner version.

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100% Cable concealment mounts for outdoor cameras for those that want to run power to each location.

Would love to have a mount to allow the power cable connection to run through the base and into wall to allow for 100% cable concealment for all stationary cameras. All current mounts allow for the cable to be exposed at the back for the power port. Yes they are wireless but would prefer to have power plugged in at all times and not have 10 solar panels on the parameter of the house charging each camera.