Power Consumption Changed After Last Firmware Upgrade

After the last firmware upgrade to my two Wyze Cam2’s, I noticed that the camera could not be powered off of the small iPhone USB power blocks (the light cubes rated for 5V 1A). When connecting them to small battery packs that I have (also in a similar power range) I noted the same issue.

Has anyone else observed this?

My V2 has I’ve just measured current consumption at 330 mA in Day mode (with the IR LEDs inactive). That’s up a bit from what I measured last year when it was new (310 mA).

One of my V2’s is drawing 0,311 A (311 mA) running Firmware version (July 8, 2019)

How much the unit draws might not be the issue. If the units have some sort of startup surge or a check it may cause the issue I am seeing.

Do you have one of those iPhone power blocks to try? Or another 5V 1A battery source?

I have checked multiple sources with the same effect. When I switch to a higher power source there are no problems.

Looking at my title it may be that it warrants a change if this is something else.

Just checked for you. My V2 works fine with an Apple ‘sugar cube’ iPhone supply (also 5V/1A). And also with an Anker USB battery pack.

Thanks for checking kyphos. I am going to have to check my Cam2 settings to see if there is something that might cause a spike then.

I don’t see any sign of a startup spike with mine.
What’s the symptom? No click-click at boot (as the IR filter flips back and forth? No blue LED lit on back?

It clicks, but then the app can’t connect to it. The app has no issue connecting when it is running off the higher power sources.

That’s really odd. Sounds like it’s time to open a ticket with Wyze Support, if you haven’t already…

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Have not, but I am also prone to try and figure out these things as best as I can. I will try and debug now that I know I am a unique case and see if anything pops up. Probably a self masochistic side of me coming out. :frowning:

It’s a really odd situation. You might try reverting back to the previous version of firmware (on one of your cams) and see if normal operation returns.