power chord and being regulated to a computer

whats the friggin point if i cant use my power adapter to power the camera?? if i have to be tethered to a six foot chord that close to my computer and its usb plugs,

its not acceptable. i need my camera AWAY from my computer, not tethered to it. thats what the power adapter is for huh? to power the camera away from usb points.

why even ship a plug if it cannot be used with the camera ( " don’t use the power plug with the camera as there is not enough power to make it work")

help me here please, am i missing something?? did i read this wrong?? any help would be appreciated,




tom b

You can power up to 3 Wyze Cam(s) from the provided power adapter. Where did you read this info?

Not sure what you think you saw, but yeah, the power adapter is rated for THREE cameras. In reality, my testing shows it could power even more.