Posting video to FB - no longer works, but no problem on Instagram

I’ve been regularly posting short animal videos to my FB page for months using my V1 camera. Within the last 48 hrs, every time I attempt to upload, I get a message " Sorry, we aren’t able to add your video. Try again later." My workflow consists of saving the Wyzecam video in my iPhone photos, cutting it down to about a 5 sec. clip and uploading to my FB page. Works all the time, no problem until recently. I’ve resorted to uploading successfully to Instagram in the mean time.

Has something changed somewhere ?




I also have this issue with FB & can’t see a solution. Maybe they don’t like hedgehogs! I used to be able to post all the time.

I still cannot post videos directly to FB, but I have found a back door . Since I am able to upload to Instagram, videos can then be shared back onto FB - go figure. Downside is that Instagram crops the video to a square format from it’s normal 16x9 size. Usually no problem for my animal videos that have nothing important on the sides of the frame anyway. In fact, it often enhances the video for FB audiences.

I no longer get notification alerts on my phone. Neither does my wife but when we go into the App, we do see the notification videos. This started about a week and half. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no success.