Possible Tau Herculids Meteor Storm Tonight

I’ve been reading about the Tau Hercuilds Meteor Shower tonight. The “experts” say it could be either all or nothing, it all depends on the particle size.

@Bam, @R.Good and @todwatts and anyone else, let’s point those cameras up tonight. :smiley:


I just read this a little bit ago… Was gonna get the tri-pod out again :smiley:

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Oh hey thanks for the reminder @mvb I was actually going to move a camera so it could see this a little bit better hopefully. Good call! I was thinking about so you an alarm for a few hours so I can wake up and see what I see :slight_smile:

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Well, I wouldn’t call last nights’ event a “storm” exactly. But I did capture 22 meteors overnight. The show started close to 9 pm CDT and was over by 1 am, except for a single meteor at 3:59 this morning. If you watch close enough, there was even 1 clip with a double. :wink:

@Bam. @Seapup, @R.Good, @todwatts how were your nights?


I sadly I had to work the next day so I couldn’t do my astronomer thing and stay out for it. But I did set up a cam to try and capture whatever happened. Sadly it wasn’t the meteor storm that was possible but I did catch a rather nice Bolide.

EDIT:For some reason I can’t view my first one so I’m going to upload a second one here and see if that video file works


I got 0… my once Cornfield backyard has turned into a new home construction zone and there is so much light. I need a higher pole. Or get my rooftop pole setup.

Just need to gaze at your recordings


You’ll notice on the right hand side of my frame of that video there’s a big black shadow there. I actually took a piece of steel I had in the garage and made a light block from my neighbor’s Mercury light. It was a quick impromptu fix and not perfect by any means but even something as nice as a shoe box can block some of that light and allow you to get what has been termed tunnel vision to the sky.


Here are photos of my set up. (In case you don’t remember. :wink: ) I bought a 16’ extension pole and built a quick and dirty stand to hold it. I use 1 bungee cord to hold the pole to the base and a second cord to hold the extended pole against the roof gutter.

For the top, I used a painters edger (I think that’s what it’s called) and took the paint pad off. As you can see, I put a couple of Wyze steel plates on it, so I can mount 2 cameras if I want. But, I usually only put out 1.

It raise it up to about 14 feet. That gets it almost above my roofline and well above any windows or porch lights. In strong winds, it does wiggle a bit. but it’s not too bad.


I just hope you only use the “edging brush” for Wyze Cams only

Cutting in is meant to be done with a 3.5in angled Wooster :wink: :rofl:

…and no tape

Yeah, that edger is devoted to my StarCam. I do a lot more star gazing than painting. But, I do have a bedroom ceiling that needs to be painted, if you’re offering your services. :rofl:

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I mean, I’m down… painting is like one of those weird things for me that is a pain but weirdly relaxing.
Like mowing the lawn. It sucks but I do some of my best thinking mowing, and painting.

I get less interruptions too… don’t wanna go near him, he might ask me to help :joy:

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