Possible bug with Cam groups on iOS and Outdoor Cams

So I have 2 Outdoor Cams and 3 indoor cams in my Camera group on my iPhone 13. I noticed that I could not connect to either of the outdoor cams but the others were fine. I tried the basic troubleshooting steps but no joy.

A redditor mentioned that he had luck by removing the camera group all together. I removed just my outdoor cams and was successfully able to connect to them both each individually.

iOS, Basestation and cams all had the latest firmware. FWIW.

Hope this helps!

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This is a known issue and is currently in development. The solution for now is to remove the outdoor cams from a group. Sorry for the issues, just keep your cams and app updated!

You also may wanna clear you app cache after removing them from the group with Account > App Settings > Clear