Portable Display or Viewer (e.g., as dedicated Baby Monitor)

But you can’t show an image/motion of each camera at one time on those. I want to be able to see a collage of views from my wyzecams

Maybe you should sell your Wyze cams and buy a Closed Circuit Security System.

SMH. They’ll make one. There are numerous ppl that have requested this. No reason to get rid of an outstanding product. I’ll wait.

Still a desired feature for numerous use cases.

  • Concurrent security monitoring
  • Baby monitoring without having to click into an app each time your phone locks.
  • monitoring elderly relatives

It’s a simple use case and would be fairly straight forward to implement on the hard and soft sides.

Smart Home Control/Clock

We currently use the Google Nest Hub Max for my 89-year father-in-law. He has dementia and can’t use a phone, but he can take video calls with this gadget. It also allows us to look through the camera to check on him when we are away from home. And, we can set up reminders to pop up to remind him to do certain things. But, it is cumbersome to use and could do SO much more. With an aging population, I think you could help a lot of people if you came out with a gadget like this that had more functionality.

Thanks for considering!

As for the elderly monitoring, just set a camera up where ever they are and set it up. You can monitor them from timbuktu