Portable Display or Viewer (e.g., as dedicated Baby Monitor)

Wyze Cam Live View Tablet Monitor

I have Outdoor Wyze Cams looking at my house from both my front yard and my backyard, as well as Wyze Cam 3.0’s in each window looking directly out from the house, and soon to be a Wyze Video Doorbell Pro.

Having just setup a new home office and a nice work station, I would LOVE it if I had a small Wyze tablet I could have sitting on my desk showing a LIVE view of all of my cameras at the same time, that way I could easily look over and monitor whats going on outside my house. Especially useful for people who work from home and have kids playing outside, or in my case a dog who loves to bark at anything and everything outside. I could easily just look at the tablet and see that oh the mailman is here, or Amazon has delivered something, or a kid is playing in the street, etc.

I think this would be a popular option and would sell well. However I know something like this may be problematic with the wireless Outdoor cams since having a live view going may kill the power quickly. But even having this for JUST the Wyze Cam 3.0’s looking out the window would be beneficial for myself.

Would love to hear some insight from the Wyze team if anything close to this is potentially in development.


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External Display

Would love a dedicated, standalone external display device for cam systems that doesn’t require a tablet.

Suggest to include an internal backup battery for power outages.


That’s an interesting idea…If they really wanted to make an all in one unit for powered down situations what about this:
I dedicated screen with battery backup, also a slot for lots of memory, perhaps even multiple slots for SD cards (maybe to be configured to each backup one camera)–but make it akin the the wyze outdoor base, but allow other cams to use it as a wireless router for the feed.

If you had all that and the power went down, any outdoor cams would still record and backup and could be checked (i gues th other cameras who lost power would be non functional though)

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Baby monitor screen

Hi :green_heart: please consider making a monitor for parents who use the cams to watch babies, but want to leave the feed open but also do other things on their phone, or have it up while washing dishes and have their phone charging somewhere else etc. baby monitor systems are too expensive! you guys could have a good customer base for a little monitor :smirk: especially if it did a split screen of 2 feeds for 2 kids :smirk: just saying :kissing_heart:

Multiple Cameras Viewing Screen

I would REALLY like a monitor/screen where I can view all of my cameras in one place (think retail security monitors). This would keep the user for having to select each camera in the APP one-by-one while at home. I would think this could be easily achieved, but I’m not a experienced techie.

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Wyze video doorbell needs dedicated monitor

I would like the Wyze doorbell to replace an old, old doorbell. The doorbell is on the outer gate; and when someone pushes it (like a delivery person), I can press an old, old button to BUZZ them in.

I would like a dedicated monitor (like a baby monitor) so that I can quickly glance at the monitor to see who is there. (If I looked for the doorbell in the app, it would take so long that the package would be left outside the gate.)

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Wyze Station/Tablet for the :house_with_garden:

I get really tired of having to use my phone everytime I want to view my cameras or adjust my lights out anything basically. All of that is well and good when I’m away from home. When I am at home it would be nice to have something like a tablet or a viewer that allows me to view all of my cameras at once or in any sequence I choose also allows me to adjust lighting settings or just the thermostat or whatever wise devices I have. Because clearly Google has no intentions on updating the nest hub so that the picture comes up faster and isn’t constantly loading. By the time Google pulls up a camera whatever is happening is already over. I think a wise dashboard / tablet / whatever you want to call it would be great something I can even mount or carry around the house. This way i can talk on my phone and view my cameras at the same time. If someone was trying to break in I could call 911 wow viewing the display. I don’t know if I’m articulating this clear enough for you to see what I see.

A wyze tablet whose sole function is controlling wise products and devices

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Whoaaaaa, So, how could Wyze a little company make a tablet that would work better compared to the resources of Apple making several sized iPad that do what you ask - already?

Would we see Wyze competing with Apple in the tablet business. Wouldn’t dipping their toes in the tablet business also obligate them to open their OS to everyone else’s apps and creating an app store? If you suggest they could just not re-invent the app store and use Google Play, well, what’s the point in them doing a tablet to use Android, there are hundreds of Android tablets you can choose from.

You wanna a screen for home? Use an old cell phone, no cell service, just WiFi it. Want a larger size screen, get an iPad, new or used. The app not doing something you want, ask Wyze to change it. That’s easier (hundred times faster) than them inventing a tablet for their app.

We just got auto-landscape view with the Wyze app on an iPad, That took years.

I believe he is wanting something like I do. Not a tablet to compete with Apple but something proprietary that only operates with Wyze cams and other “stuff”. Picture a big store loss & prevention office where they view multiple monitors on one screen/unit. I have submitted my wish ticket on this as well.


I agree I would also love a simple dedicated sound and video monitor as we use the cameras for baby monitors and you don’t want everyone who babysits to have to download/learn to use a new app. Plus you can’t continuously monitor the baby and use your phone at the same time. I could purchase another device, but at that point, I’ll spend the money on an actual baby monitor with better features for monitoring a baby.

It would be nice if a Wyze control panel that can control all things Wyze with a touch screen is available. One can mount around the house and use to control the products of even communicate within the house or from app to panel.

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Here is what I am talking about.

Add a wireless display in order to use a Wyze Cam as a baby monitor

I would like to use my camera as a baby monitor. Currently there isn’t a convenient option to have constant video and audio that I can carry around the house with me. This is possible on a phone if you’re willing to totally dedicate your phone to the task and not use it for anything else. You can also use Google Nest Hub, but that isn’t exactly portable. What I’m hoping for is something similar to a baby monitor that has a portable display synced to the camera that can be dedicated to constant video and audio from a Wyze Cam.


Or you could pickup a burner phone (of your choice) with WiFi enabled and not depend on your regular cell phone. That actually is just like asking Wyze to go into the tablet/phone business except you don’t have to wait on announcements, ordering, shipping, beta testing, recalls, errors, customer service and returns.

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I think you are misinterpreting the request. They could put out something like an echo show or yes, a tablet. BUT the tablet would be dedicated solely to cameras. No searching the internet, etc. These guys are smart! They could easily do this IMHO

I did understand your request. I think its safe to predict the price would exceed the value of such an item since there’s hundreds of tablets or ipad/mini ipad that can do the job NOW.

But you can’t show an image/motion of each camera at one time on those. I want to be able to see a collage of views from my wyzecams

Maybe you should sell your Wyze cams and buy a Closed Circuit Security System.

SMH. They’ll make one. There are numerous ppl that have requested this. No reason to get rid of an outstanding product. I’ll wait.

Still a desired feature for numerous use cases.

  • Concurrent security monitoring
  • Baby monitoring without having to click into an app each time your phone locks.
  • monitoring elderly relatives

It’s a simple use case and would be fairly straight forward to implement on the hard and soft sides.