Popup notifications on television sets

Be Great when there is motion a picture overlap on my TV

Not sure what you’re asking @spence49. Could you elaborate please?

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WYZE just announced the beta for CHROMECAST and Google Home Hub… Chromecast is a add-on for your TV so that means that soon, we all will be able to view our cameras on our tv’s or a Google Home Hub screen.

Or are you asking for an alert notification to pop up on your TV, overlaying whatever you are watching, so you can check your camera?

Yes.Why watching TV if there is motion a picture overlap on my TV. Like Maybe even Plus TV for a second or Three

You mean pop up a video of the actual event or alert in a “picture-in-a-picture” window on your tv while you are just watching regular tv.

Wow. That would be neat.

But man, it would be an absolute programming nightmare for a small company like WYZE to incorporate that technology into its value-priced products. It would also require coordination with each and every tv manufacturer.

Like I said, I’m excited about Chromecast ability so that you can view the cameras on your tv.

It could be that a third party app like IFTTT (If This, Then That) could figure out how to pop up a picture within a picture of an alert. Of course, IFTTT would also have to enlist the help of each and every TV manufacturer to insure that the programming and technology was integrated.

WYZE is also hoping to add direct GOOGLE ASSISTANT support soon. So it would be cool if a WYZE cam had an alert, it would broadcast an verbal ALARM notification over the a GOOGLE HOME MINI.

Tinycam and Tasker can trigger a popup showing a live view of a Wyze Cam upon detecting motion on an android phone but I don’t know about a TV. Maybe on an android tv device or a Nvidia shield. Tinycam and Tasker can also stream to a chromecast device upon motion but it will be full screen.