Poor sound quality

I’ve noticed the sound quality of the recordings are patchy and low quality…the 2 cameras that record sound have a strong wifi signal but the sound quality on both cameras is the same…very low quality.

Is there a way to improve it?
My upload speed is 6 Mbps so that should be sufficient.


Are you using any kind of mount or case that could be muffling the microphone or speaker?

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No…they are both free of any kind if blockage.
The sound on both cameras sounds like it cuts off every few seconds almost making the sound recording useless.

Could it be because of a low threshold of Silence compression?

Does it happen mainly when the sound level is low?

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in camera setting detection setting. I would try put it sound to high see it that help.
I paid for Tinycam pro for testing I have amplification set to 750%. I think it the software doing it and the camera.

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I have the same problem with muffled sound and distorted sound on my cameras and No one could figure out why. I haven’t submitted a support ticket yet but I will here in the near future to see why the sound is so distorted even my wife’s voice you can hear as she talks to the dog and kinda robotic sounding

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I have many wyze cameras and that’s what it is,

Eufy cam sound is night and day in comparison.