Poor pic at night

Is this reflections from the overhang?

Because daytime is fine

Pic of mount

Maybe the flashback is from inner part of the mount near the lens? I can’t quite tell in the photo, but can you blacken the inner part of the mount like the left half of the photo?

Edit/ is the red part of the below photo in your mount tapered in towards the lens?

I bet blackening the red and blue colored parts will help with that lense flare stuff.


I think your absolutely correct. Thank you! I should’ve picked up on that my self. But thank you.


No prob! Anytime. :slight_smile:

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I believe the WCO will still be 5v so I can swap these out and use elsewhere and hopefully get better night vision anyway. Just patiently (impatiently :wink:) waiting.

I still have a pan I want to mount to try it but 40 mps winds weren’t worth the fight. It can wait.