Poor Motion Detection Photos

I have 2 Wyze cameras Ver. 3 and am having trouble with resolution. I only do imaging, not video. My wi-fi is 2.4 and is inside the house approximately 20’ away from the cameras which are outside. Two cameras are in a Group and are mounted right next to each other. All firmware is up to date.

Camera setup #1 = HD, Night Vision = Auto, Conditions = Dark , IR = Far

Camera setup #2 = Same except IR is OFF.

My problem is that when viewing Live Stream my iPad shows both cameras at the same time but the stream is blurry. If you click on one individual camera and it takes you to a new screen of just THAT camera, the live stream is crystal clear. I can live with this.

BUT, I have the cameras doing motion detection at night and although the same problem exists as above, the EVENT IMAGES of motion detection are very poor. Very fuzzy. The LIVE stream of each individual camera is crystal clear as is a manual photo but the motion detection image is poor. This happens during the day also.
Disregard car in photo, am relating to the entire blurred photo.

Any ideas?


To add to my post…I read an article that said to use a different channel on router.
1 - 6 - or 11.
I don’t know what channels mine is on right now.