Poor motion detection all of sudden on wyze cam 1

So recently a couple of my wyze cam 1 units have been having very poor motion detection. I record to SD cards, and do not record to the cloud. Both units are running latest firmware, and it seems, don’t quote me on it, but it seems that the motion detection has been worse since the firmware upgrade.
it does record but it seems to be hit and miss.

Example yesterday it recorded the cat walking into the laundry room, but never captured any video of it walking out of that room, and there is only 1 exit. The other camera which would have had overlap of the same area, didn’t even capture the cat walking that way at all at that time, nor did it capture it leaving the area. Thats just one example. I’ve left the area where both cameras have overlap to go upstairs, and when i review later neither camera captured me walking through.

I’ve tried power cycling the units. formatting the SD card. I’m not sure what else to try.