Poor battery life?

I’m on the beta, but have noticed this issue for almost a year.

I like to put a cam image of my driveway up on my phone when I’m expecting someone, but my phone (Essential PH-1 - pretty close to a Pixel 2 and on Android Pie) heats up and goes from 100% battery to 32% in 2 hours, while I can play netflix or youtube videos for many hours.

I’ll go out on a limb and suggest the video is being software decoded and not hardware decoded? That would be a nice feature. When I view the video with tinycam, no battery/warming up but that has options to use HW and HW+ hardware acceleration.

Look here in the app:

“Account” → “App Settings” → “Camera”

I looked at all the cam settings but never thought it’d be buried there. It was already turned on, but it doesn’t seem to be actually using it. Snapdragon 835…nothing exotic.

And its not limited to my phone. I had the same experience with a beastly tablet with a huge battery that’s just a couple of years old running on Android 7. Snapdragon 805 on that.

I had an HTC Bolt for a little while, and that beast ran hot. Changed to a Galaxy S8+, and it doesn’t have any heat issues.

Phone never runs hot except with the wyze app.