Poor Audio and out of focus video

The audio is garbled, and video is out of focus due to a few objects taking up a small percent of the view, I need focus set to 15’-40’

I need manual focus like my $5 webcam has… The audio is pretty much a joke you can make out about 1 word out of a sentence from a distance of 12ft.

The camera is setup with RTSP v4.28.4.40 and has a line of site to a router about 30ft away wifi signal is 77%

How can I manually adjust the focus? And fix that audio so the Wyze cam works as good as my used MS 1080p $5 webcam?

Running Blue-stacks for setup then RTSP to BlueIris both work great, the limitation is as mentioned above the Wyze cam.

I would agree that the audio is bad - the mic is plenty sensitive, but the encoding of the audio stream is poor. I have not tried listening to it from the MicroSD recordings to see if it is just a matter of network transmission or not, but the realtime and playback quality over the app or the computer using Android emulator is not great at all. The ReoLink cameras I have have great quality.

The focus… mine has good resolution at really any distance. Did you take the plastic cover off the lens? hehe.

Keep in mind this would be a $5 cam too if someone bought it used for $5. Let’s keep it in context.