Polling/Checking/Reading the Room Temperature is Infrequent, Poor or?

I have no clue how often the thermostat polls the room temperature, but it either at no set interval (like every 5 minutes), or sporadic, or it doesn’t upload its readings to the Internet to generate a command to turn on the unit,

I know in the summer my unit will come on every hour or so. I can notice it getting warm inside. I can see on other thermometers I have now placed by the thermostat, that it is 79 or 80. Turn on set for 78 and the ‘Differential Temp’ is set to 1 degree. I can look at the thermostat display, it’ll say 75. 75? It was never this cool! I look at the phone app, it’ll show 75. As if it knows I am looking at the actual device display, it will suddenly jump 2 degrees to 77, then a minute or two later, adjust to the correct temperature and finally turn on.

It is not in ‘Away’ mode because that mode is useless and doesn’t work, so I do not have that enabled.

Having had a Nest before, I never had this issue. So, either the display on the unit must be on/visible for it to ‘check the temp,’ or the polling of the room temp is so infrequent that it is useless.