Pollen insights gone?

When i clicked on the insights icon on the top right I got this pop up.

I have to go to a 3rd party app now to see the pollen insights in my area?

Viewing the pollen insights on the app was very helpful, I wonder why it was removed.

My air purifier is running 1.0.10

Yeah, they switched data providers and pollen info isn’t available with the new one.

I liked the pollen stuff too and will miss it.

Anyone have apps they recommend for pollen level notifications?

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This sucks, I wonder why they changed data providers?

I’ve been sneezing a lot lately and I decided to check the pollen insights today and it was gone. I guess we won’t be able to check the pollen insights in the app anymore… it was very helpful

I too would like to know of any app recommendations

Printing “free” money is taking its toll. Formerly free APIs are no longer free. The price of pay-for APIs are increasing at an astronomical rate to keep ahead of inflation. I just get all of my outdoor air quality data from my weather app (WeatherBug Elite) on my phone and tablets. It uses Pollen.com’s API for real-time pollen data and BreezoMeter for pollutant data.

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