Please stop deploying app updates until you have checked they work

Since the last update my WiFi connections to the app are more unstable and the cams are requiring restarts far more often. I am also having to unplug the power cables to restart my V3s far more often than normal.

It seems that as a bonus for the extra unreliability from the update we have also been given two useless additions:

  1. A shortcut button at the top of the home page about using rules … Why? - it is pointless as the rules are easily accessible. At least let us turn the button off!!

  2. Widgets to access live stream from the home page … Why? … It saves only one touch of a button and they really look like a child designed them. At least I can ignore them and not use them.

Every time I see a new update is available for the app I immediately think “what will be broken this time?”


We Only test 1 V2,1 V3 to see if we have any issues, thank God all went just fine no issues

And now one of my V3s wouldn’t switch off from the app.

Fixed it by unplugging the power lead and force starting the app.

The app was mostly fine before the last update.

Never mind though - at least I have a useless rules button on the home page and a set of ugly, pointless widgets!

I am really trying to like Wyze … But it is getting more difficult as every update seems to introduce new bugs.

Well, if you treat the Wyze updates like Windows updates (or any other auto-distributed software/firmware update), you will fair much better. By that I mean you should NOT apply updates as soon as they are available. Give it a few days and see how it goes with the Guinea Pigs, err, the I mean other users that DO apply it immediately.




Good advice - but I am usually hoping the new update that they send will fix the problems in the previous update :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using the iOS app and I didn’t get an update and didn’t even see it in the app store. And yes my iPhone always adds updated apps in the auto mode.

Mine is Android - Wyze probably don’t do updates for iOS at the same time

Pulling down is faster than the auto-update.

Yes I see they added it to the app store 21 hours ago. I updated it and it has the same appearance to me. The information on the app said it is 2.27.32 (5), I don’t remember seeing a (#) before?