Please sell Wyze swag (eg. t-shirts, etc)

Well that was confusing… Heh. :grimacing:

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No worries! It gets a little trickier to follow when we move conversations around. :grin:

I already proposed the idea for a store with all sorts of merch.

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Thanks. We’re going to keep them separate because this one is about swag and yours is (primarily) about bundles. However, we’ve adjusted the titles to make that more clear.

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Better yet… Free t-shirts for people who pre-ordered wyze sense and other new early access products.


Another idea for the store!!!

Wheres the tshirts, and other merch to promote and sell more guys? Signs that say protected by Wyze systems etc? Lol


I just want the t-shirt Dave and his daughter are wearing. I love the wyze cam product and I’m fussy about t-shirts I choose. {even though I practically live in t-shirts}
It could advertise while I’m enjoying wearing it.
Thanks all


Oh! I love that idea of them including a little sticker saying wyzecam protected!

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Look, you can take the credit, I just want that shirt

I wasn’t trying to piss you off. I was just saying it was already in the suggestion box. Even though somewhat hidden.

With approval from the powers that be, I can facilitate this using my print on demand supplier. I just need a corporate letterhead approval. I can print shirts, sweatshirts, masks, and more.

Yes, please!!

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Shirts should say “Wyze Guy” or “Wyze Gal”

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Whoops! Sorry I forgot to flip this over. We started selling Wyze Swag (other than socks that we already had) back in October! :tada:


This is such low hanging revenue (and brand marketing/exposure) fruit for Wyze I can’t imagine why there’s not a Wyze apparels and swag shop. It’s literally money for almost nothing. Give the project to an intern.

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You may want to check the Merchandise tag on :wink:


But could you offer all cotton t’s?

Oops. My bad.

Wyze Dog Clothes

Wyze apparel for dogs.